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DeRiskPro provides an effective and powerful way to develop your project execution plan and identify, analyze, and mitigate risks

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Use DeRiskPro to create an illustrated version of the project execution plan. Define base duration assumptions and run the critical path method to identify the critical and near-critical path. Work collaboratively with the project team to discuss risk ranges and discrete risks. Simulate to generate the project risk profile. Analyze the risk profiles to define priorities. Develop a mitigation plan for critical risks. Keep the model updated to increase focus on the priorities and include emerging risks throughout the project life-cycle.


What We Offer

DeRiskPro is our flagship tool to help teams build and analyze project schedules – with an eye toward team alignment around fundamental assumptions and linkages between scopes. Originally developed by our partners MacwayUhl, DeRiskPro has been used to help analyze over 500 projects including mega-projects as large as $50B capital.

DeRiskPro allows teams to build their schedules interactively and document key assumptions as they go. In addition, the schedule risk-ranging features allow teams to test how robust their plans are and determine the most critical areas for risk mitigation.

Planning That Work

Use DeRiskPro as a platform to maximize collaboration and engagement of the project team in the planning process. The only plan that works is the plan which is developed and agreed upon by all team members.

Easy to Install

Just a few clicks and you have DeRiskPro installed in your computer and added to the Excel menu bar anytime you open it.

Quick Learning Path

As a Project Mangement professional you don't need to learn any new concept or trick. All we give you is an enhanced way of doing what you've been doing for a long time. You will find it easy and straightforward.

Comprehensive Customer Support

We are available anytime you need us. Your support team is the DeRiskPro development team. You will find us committed and reliable.

Built for Professionals, by Professionals

DeRiskPro was formed based on the recognition that project failures are usually the result of failures in planning – often very early on. The principles and tools to fix that exist – but have never been made accessible to all.

DeRiskPro’s founders have decades of experience working with project teams across numerous industries and all types of projects, both small and large.


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Elevate your project execution plan and conduct schedule risk analysis with our Excel add-in!

Try our trial version to personally experience its benefits. Seamlessly integrated with Excel's menu, it offers a wide range of powerful analytical tools. Uncover insights effortlessly, from advanced statistics to insightful visualizations. Download now and revolutionize your project execution plan for smarter decisions!

Get Ready to Maximize Your Productivity With Our Project Execution Solutions

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